Regency Edward

Our Team

Our team combines Excellence, Enthusiasm and Expert knowledge to create the exclusive experience that our customers expect.

Unlike agencies our staff members are directly employed.

Upon applying for a vacancy candidates are taken through the 'Regency Edwards recruitment' process;

This entails:

-CV review

-Initial interview

-Second stage interview

-Security checks

-Trial Task

Following our five step recruitment process, successful candidates are then taken through a two week intensive training period.

Our recruitment process has been specifically tailored to attract the highest quality candidates. This process ensures that each employee possesses the best skills, professionalism and commitment suited to their role.

Our staff's happiness is the keystone to our success. We encourage and support the development of each member by investing time in their continual training. We provide a positive, energetic, and diverse working environment, offering opportunities for continued growth therefore building a team of loyal and dependable staff members.